Profit& uses Anaplan Technology to create clarity from complex business processes, data, and models. Our key focus is to help you transform decision-making and ensure the best outcome for your business.

Organizations often operate in a disconnected way, where Finance and the rest of the business don’t have complete visibility of plans, costs, and ultimately profit. We provide solutions to bridge that gap. We connect financial planning with that of operations and sales, for example, using Anaplan technology and methodology – we call this the ‘Profit& Way’ – think of it as the ‘Anaplan Way’ with some added value!

Profit& was founded in 2016 by Finance Professionals and Technology Specialists based in several countries across Europe. This means that we can resource your projects with local people who speak your language and understand your business environment. Our team has several decades of experience delivering enterprise performance management solutions starting from the office of Finance and extending into Sales, Operation, and Supply & Demand Planning.