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One of the biggest expenses for most companies is it’s payroll and other employee-related costs. However, organization-wide workforce planning can often be a nightmare with issues arising from inconsistent underlying assumptions and differing roster snapshots used in each department. Slalom and Anaplan have developed an end-to-end solution that aims to solve these issues. From enabling HR to administrate the submission and approval of compensation increases across the company to allowing departments to plan for headcount and payroll costs using consistent tax and benefit assumptions, this solution can provide benefits across the organization.

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Solution features

  • Targeted business outcomes
  • Streamlined supervisor submission and manager approval of employee compensation increases.
  • Simplified compensation increase results roll-up and finalization by HR.
  • Workflow tracking allows HR partners and business managers to track the status of increase submissions from start to finish.
  • Utilization of final salary and wage rates in payroll budgeting.
  • Standardization of underlying assumptions used by departments (roster, tax rates, benefit rates, etc.)
  • Ability to account for new hires, attrition, overtime, transfers, and temp labor within the solution.
  • Intuitive reporting and analysis pages displaying headcount / payroll budget results and scenario vs. scenario comparisons.
  • Enhanced security of sensitive payroll data through Anaplan’s multiple layers of model security.