Ecommerce Merchandise Planning


Supply chain


Consumer Products, Retail


Europe, Middle East

E-commerce merchandise planning solution

This model offers a tailor-made merchandise planning solution for E-commerce – an industry challenged with rapid YOY growth and a wide-ranging product portfolio where planning accuracy is crucial. This solution enables accurate sales forecast planning down to lot level, in order to determine optimal buying quantities. The focus is on over-performing, out-of-stock products where their missed opportunity sales quantity and actual sales potential of past seasons is determined. This calculation considers the seasonality and sales curve of comparable products, as well as a sell-through target and growth rate by product family.

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Solution features

  • Automated calculations of buying quantity by lot
  • SKU safety threshold to ensure full size range availability
  • New product introduction with similar product comparison
  • Target sales and stock inputs by season and product group
  • Planning calendar and workflow check
  • Historic data system upload
  • Summary management report