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Agency Performance Management (APM)

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Area Sales Managers and Agents can collaborate on business plans and performance, enacting real-time adjustments to meet market demands. Create consistent, integrated, comprehensive processes to assist in leading agency success. Sales managers can develop “what-if” scenarios based on historical actuals to drive new business growth and retention of existing policies through renewals to forecast policies in force and related premium values in real time. Manage policy retention through at risk defection modeling. Develop key action plans to retain current policy holders.

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Help Agents Focus on What Matters

Driving performance in a business model that consists of both captive and non-captive indepent agents and agencies is beyond challenging. With the Agency Performance Management solution designed by Voiant and powered by Anaplan, FSI corporations are able to model, plan, and execute on performance driving activities based on corporate objectives and their alignment to the desired behaviors on the ground.

Solution features

Agency Performance Management provides a flexible solution that can enable smarter and faster planning.

  • Drive agent alignment with corporate objectives by managing growth, assessing performance through budgets, insights, and BI.
  • Perform what-if analysis via renewal rates to manage policies, and conversion rates to manage new applications.
  • Agency performance in comparison to district on managing various metrics: defection, reinstatement, and policies in force.
  • Allows departmental collaboration through profitability , top down forecast planning , and retention/defection