Harvest Front Planning

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Harvest front optimization: Cut/Transshipment/Transport

Developed on the Anaplan platform, the Keyrus Harvest Front Planning solution enables planning and control of any idleness, meeting the macro plan of agricultural equipment, and facilitating the analysis of operational indicators, with estimates of impact at the end of the harvest. It also provides the best scenarios for the formation of harvest fronts, providing visibility of the real harvest potential.

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The most efficient use of equipment. Better performance for the business.

In the agribusiness industry, the mechanized part of the agricultural system is a strategic point for improving profitability. These mechanized structures – including trucks, harvesters, and tractors – can represent between 20% to 40% of production costs, depending on the crop. Whether for sugarcane, soybean, citriculture, coffee, corn, or other crops, integrated planning for harvest and transport logistics can present a significant cost savings.

Solution features

Empower your team to plan dynamically, discover patterns, and anticipate demands.

  • Data integration with primary sources that originate the entire mechanized structure.
  • Incorporate historical data and operating budgets.
  • Form harvesting fronts that obey a previous user experience.
  • Form harvesting fronts based on equipment characteristics and harvest potential of the plots.
  • Allow users to manually resize the mechanized structure.
  • Sequence the harvest of plots based on individual productivity.
  • Analyze operational indicators (e.g., average radius) to estimate the impact at the end of the harvest.
  • Improve scenarios for the formation of harvesting fronts based on the characteristics of the equipment and the harvest.
  • Estimate the real potential of the front harvest.