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Planning distribution to increase efficiency and reduce costs

Pharmaceutical laboratories vigorously compete to create awareness among the medical community. They have faced difficulties in boosting their productivity due to several different factors, including the increase of similar medicines from competitors, a significant rise of new drugs (new entrants), difficulty in being able to assess each doctor’s prescriptive potential, and reduced face-to-face time for presenting drugs and their respective benefits. Considering the volume of visits during the month and the amount spent on distributed material, a solution for planning these distributions is essential.

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Planning distribution to increase efficiency and reduce costs

The Rhentamed solution for pharma was designed for product managers and/or district managers to state the number of free samples delivered by sales representatives to physicians based on prescriptive potential, specialty, and region. The planner can also specify which category within the ranking will receive free samples and which will not.

Rhentamed carries out control over free sample inventory and promotional material that may or may not be delivered to represenatives.

Solution features

A complete solution focused on facilitating the advertising of drugs

  • Increase the efficiency of advertising drugs
  • Reduce the innocuous distribution of promotional materials and free samples.
  • Increase the time spent on HV (highest value), HP (highest potential) segments, reduce time with BZ (below zero) segments.
  • Integrate with corporate systems to boost production and logistical efficiency.
  • Calculate standard box automatically, improving logistical processes.
  • Automatically generate extra cycles, reducing efforts on new cycle generation.
Detailed allocation of medicines, classifying doctors into categories, specialties, and lines of business. Facilitates assertive product distribution, creating and managing marketing strategies, customer retention, and distribution.
Integration with the company's logistics, presenting percentages of the standard box to accelerate and decrease the distribution process's costs. Presents the ideal quantity to be sent for each rep and planner, even whether a half or full box will be sent.
Inventory validation and redistribution. If there is a lack of stock to redistribute a product, the system calculates the percentage for each rep. It apportions stock proportionately while automatically generating an extra cycle that can be sent in the future.