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Supply chain demand planning demo

Spaulding Ridge’s Supply Chain Optimizer serves as an integrated tool on the Anaplan platform that runs multiple linear regressions and compares possible outputs to deliver a desired objective. For most supply chains, the objective is the most cost-effective result. However, in the case of a world health emergency or a time-sensitive spike in customer demand, supply chain professionals need an integrated tool that enables immediate changes without requiring a full day’s worth of comparison.

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Make immediate and effective modifications to your supply chain

Product demand is normally forecasted based on the demand for a product and expected variables. Demand planning variables, such as seasonality and elasticity, account for the peaks or valleys in supply chain models. Stores in Florida prepare for hurricanes based on historical data. Third-party logistics expect shipping demand to increase around the holidays and ensures that their transportation contracts account for the necessary change. Pandemics and other world health emergencies are not as easy to predict; however, supply chain operations can use solutions like Anaplan to make immediate changes in their planning strategy as a crisis develops and consumer demand changes.

Our solution offers supply chain professionals the ability to make modifications to a production plan, transportation logistics, and vendor suppliers to ultimately address drastic changes in consumer demand.

Solution features

  • Connection to dynamic sources for accurate and timely calculations
  • Flexible, intuitive production scenario planning
  • Dynamic reporting covering plant, distribution center, and shipping capacities and costs