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ZBB model description and highlighted functions

The ZBB Accelerator model provides a path for a company to begin culturally adopting the ZBB methodology. This tool provides a blueprint for the nuances of a ZBB model to allow an expedited implementation process. Within the model, pre-existing structures such as metadata, cost center mapping structures, and reports can be customized for a company’s framework, but the skeleton provided paves the path for the complex build requirements of a ZBB model within Anaplan. There is room for enhancement to launch further functionality within Phase 2.

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Pave the path for an efficient ZBB Implementation

The ZBB Accelerator accelerates the implementation timeline by providing a foundation to branch out toward your business needs. Our model can be applied to any industry by using the preexisting structures and added functionality can fit the nuances of your business. The ZBB Accelerator reduces the assessment time period because the model guides your implementation toward success. This model can accelerate the process of the launching heading toward a Phase 2 with more advanced functionality and expanded impact for your business.

Solution features

The ZBB Accelerator has an array of features to provide a distinguished impact:

  • Ability to populate Top 10 vendors using model data.
  • FX and constant currency calculations for global businesses.
  • GL Mapping structures to provide a framework for budgeting.
  • Target inputs forms for all subpackages to set business budget parameters.
  • Variance analysis indicators to compare key metrics under all versions.
  • Sizing workbook, admin guide, and training the trainer reports for guidance throughout the implementation.
  • Budget expense line item inserts by subpackages.
  • Best practice drivers via pre-populated subpackages such as PxQ or lump sum calculations.
  • Business workflow for timely submission and user tracking.
  • Waterfall reporting for Zero Based Budget submission totals utilizing multiple versions.
Accenture chart for Manage your workflow for all submissions with consolidated views
Accenture chart for Analyze your business with Variance Analysis Reports
Accenture chart for Compare Budget to Target figures for multiple operations including Compensation and Benefits